i365 MSV3 Connect

i365 MSV3 Connect

Pharmacy connection directly to BC

Pharmacies play an important role in the pharmaceutical sector – regardless of whether they are brick-and-mortar pharmacies or online pharmacies. There is no margin for error in procurement and delivery times are faster than in almost any other industry.

For this reason, a highly integrated order processing procedure has been used for many years – the MSV3 procedure. Almost all pharmacy software supports this format, which is also used for ordering from wholesalers.

So why not also be available as a manufacturer with full convenience for pharmacies?

You do not need additional service providers with additional interfaces, high implementation costs, ongoing operating costs, ….

No – in future you can look forward to reliable data quality directly from your system. Checking availability and querying the status of pharmacy orders will no longer be a challenge for them in future.

Apotheke mit MSV3 Schnittstelle

We have the solution for you – simple and reliable

i365 MSV3 Connect

i365 MSV3 Connect offers exactly that.

Fully integrated into Microsoft Business Central, the solution provides everything you need to efficiently process your pharmacy business.
Everything from a single source and without high service fees.

Provide the interaction types required by the pharmacy in no time at all:

  • Individual and collective availability queries for PZNs
  • Order handover
  • Provision of the order status
  • and much more.

With more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, dealing with validated projects has become part of our daily routine. Ensuring high-quality, documented and qualified solutions and services is a must.

Your advantages

i365 MSV3 Connect brings efficiency and directness to their processes and significantly optimized collaboration with the pharmacy.
You reduce complaints and strengthen your business.

Our experience makes pharmacy connections easy for you.



- Settlement of any number of pharmacies
- incl. all necessary components
- No volume costs
- No monthly service fees

250 EUR / month
6000 EUR one-off + 18% annual maintenance


The pharmacy software already uses the MSV3 format for ordering from wholesalers.
All they have to do to order from them is enter their connection details in the pharmacy software.
A connection test is then carried out.

i365 MSV3 Connect shows you problems, such as PZNs not found, directly.
You can update the data and then continue the process, such as order creation, directly.
The order is kept in error status until the error is rectified.

Yes – in addition to the current BC versions, we also offer i365 MSV3 Connect for older NAV/Navision versions.

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David Prinz