i365 Cloud Print

i365 Cloud Print for Microsft Business Central

Print quickly and easily directly
from Microsoft Business Central

Are you using a current Microsoft Business Central version, such as Business Central 20, Business Central 21 or newer, and wondering why printing has become cumbersome, especially if you need to print frequently?
Are you looking for a simple and cost-effective solution?

Microsoft Business Central Cloud Print

Cloud Print solves your problem!

With Cloud Print, you can print directly, quickly and efficiently to the printer from Microsoft Business Central, which immediately makes your work much easier.

This means you no longer have to open PDF files and send them to the printer by hand.
You also no longer need to confirm a print dialog.

The printout is made directly on your local printers.

In addition, i365 Cloud Print can also automatically print out configurable accompanying documents, such as the terms and conditions for order confirmations or returns slips for deliveries, making your everyday life even easier.

In the application

This is particularly helpful, for example, when posting & printing or as part of larger processing runs, such as batch posting or the planning run.

Safety first

Security comes first, of course – no opening of your firewall or security technology is required and no additional web services are used that could create dependencies and performance risks.
Cloud Print is simple, secure and quick to install!

Your advantages

Everything as before and yet new

Use the report selection from Business Central as usual and now also select the printers from your local network there.

The reports do not have to be adjusted for this.

It’s intuitive and simple!

You specify the tray selection, print quality and color setting in advance and then assign them to the printer selection in Business Central as usual. 

This works in all types of installation – in local Business Central installations as well as in any type of cloud installation.

i365 Cloud Print speeds up your work with Microsoft Business Central considerably and reduces printing errors at the same time.


Small Business

- up to 10 users Business Central
- 1 company
- No volume costs
- Any number of printers

50 EUR / month
1200 EUR one-off + 18% annual maintenance


- Unlimited number of users
- Unlimited companies/environments per tenant
- No volume costs
- Any number of printers

100 EUR / month
2400 EUR one-off + 17% annual maintenance


Yes – all Windows-compatible printers can be used.
Printing on Zebra printers is also possible.

The Enterprise license enables use in any number of companies or environments in one license or tenant.

No – installing our i365 Cloud Print app is completely sufficient.
No adaptation to the reports is required.

Many customers shy away from this, as Microsoft charges for print jobs based on volume and also favors Universal Print-capable printers. If these are not available, an additional Universal Print Connector must be used.

Experience shows that monthly costs of EUR 300 and more are to be expected for a typical medium-sized company.

Printing by e-mail brings with it two problems that are unwelcome:
1. usually only a few printers are directly mail-capable or have to be made mail-capable via additional components. In addition, the configuration is usually a second effort.
2. increased waiting times for printing.

All in all, this route promises problems, waiting times and little reliability in the process, which is why we cannot really recommend it.

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David Prinz

Managing Director

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