i365 Cloud FileAccess

i365 Cloud-FileAccess

Local files despite universal code and cloud?

Do you have local files and need to access them despite Universal Code or Microsoft Business Central Online?

Do you have interfaces to local systems or simply need to process Excel/CSV data on a regular basis? Do you need automatic loading and writing of files?

Do you need to execute local CMD or shell commands?

Here is the solution

With Cloud FileAccess, you can access your local files quickly and directly from the cloud.

Read, write, delete or rename …. – No problem!

The i365 Cloud FileAccess App brings the familiar convenience and logic of the FILE variables and the virtual file table you have been using so far back to your cloud/universal code installations.

The execution of local batch or CMD commands including parameters and return values is also possible again.

Security comes first – the data is of course transmitted securely and encrypted.

Your advantages

i365 Cloud FileAcces brings the freedom and simplicity of your on-premises installations of Microsoft Business Central back into your everyday life.

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Small Business

- up to 10 users Business Central
- 1 company
- No volume costs
- Full functionality

50 EUR / month
1200 EUR one-off + 18% annual maintenance


- Unlimited number of users
- Unlimited companies/environments per tenant
- No volume costs
- Full functionality

100 EUR / month
2400 EUR one-off + 18% annual maintenance


Yes – Cloud FileAccess transfers all files to Business Central.

The Enterprise license enables use in any number of companies or environments in one license or tenant.

The library can be used via an app. Typically, customers create their own app for customizations in Business Central. This app then uses the functionalities in i365 Cloud FileAccess to access local files.

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