EDI consulting and implementation

EDI consulting and implementation

EDI consulting and implementation for Microsoft Business Central!
Professional and cost-effective.

Are you looking for a simple and reliable solution to optimize your business processes and increase your efficiency?
Do you have customers or suppliers who are vehemently demanding the introduction of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
Are you faced with additional costs because you are not yet able to use EDI?

Then we are your partner. We specialize in EDI implementations for Microsoft Business Central with the EDI solution for Microsoft Business Central on the market.

Over 500 successful installations in numerous sectors speak for themselves.

What is EDI?

EDI is generally the electronic exchange of data.
This refers to the exchange of business documents such as orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, credit notes, payment notifications and sometimes a few other document types.

The standardized and structured exchange creates high automation possibilities for both business partners and thus the following advantages:

  • Faster document processing through to mass data processing.
    Avoidance of manual data entry.
  • No data entry errors
  • Reduction of the complaint rate
  • Cost reduction
Vorteile von EDI
Bestandteile EDI

How does EDI work?

Three elements characterize EDI data processing:

  1. Data transmission:
    To transfer data from business partner to business partner, secure, professional and widely used standard transfer methods such as AS2, X400, OFTP2, … are used.

  2. Mapping logic or also called mapping.
    A mapping maps data from the standard EDI formats, such as EDIFACT (EANCOM, EDITEC, EDIFICE, …), OpenTrans, AnsiX12, X-Rechnung, … to a format that can be processed by the ERP.
  3. Processing logic in the ERP system
    The most important component is the processing logic of the EDI data in the ERP system. This should be deeply configurable and support as many different document types as possible, such as orders, shipping notifications, invoices, payment notifications, … should be supported. This module also extends the ERP system with functionalities to support the database for shipping notifications with packing structures and various identification numbers, for example.

Connect partners uniformly

This view of high variance between EDI partners has often been used in the past to justify complex and expensive special systems.

But this is no longer necessary!

EDI connections are generally standardized. However, they can differ in detail.

With the right solution, however, this can be set via parameters, thus avoiding expensive programming or mapping adjustments.

Our EDI solution contains all the necessary components and no additional converters or EDI service providers are required. The solution is operated directly in the ERP system and is therefore extremely flexible. It can be configured to suit the needs of each partner. In this way, we standardize the EDI facilities and ensure that all partners can be processed in a standardized way. Adjustments to mappings or even programming are thus avoided.

This allows you to work with one contact person, saving resources and costs. In addition, they gain a great deal of speed when connecting business partners.

They can even set up new partners themselves.


We often integrate EDI partners such as

  • Amazon
  • Lidl
  • Rewe
  • Walmart
  • Tesco
  • Metro
  • Edeka
  • Striking
  • Arla
  • Mercateo
  • Siemens
  • BayWa
  • Hornbach
  • Globe
  • Noweda
  • Go
  • Phoenix
  • Sanacorp
  • Alliance Healthcare Germany AG
  • Forwarding agency Nagel
  • Forwarding Dachser
  • and many more


In the automotive environment, these are partners such as:

  • Volkswagen
  • BMW
  • Daimler
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • SEAT
  • Skoda
  • Fiat
  • PSA
  • Lamborghini
  • Bentley
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Chrysler
  • Rolls Royce
  • Opel
  • Ford
  • MAN
  • Volvo
  • DAF
  • Valeo
  • Teclac
  • Veritas
  • Magna
  • Faurecia
  • Axle Alliance
  • and many others

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